Adventures in #Adulting: I Think I Have Health Care?

I consider myself an intelligent human being, but the mere concept of insurance goes right over my head. Premiums, deductibles, countless initialisms, none of it makes any sense. Especially with health insurance, where — if you’re healthy — it feels a lot like paying for something you don’t need.

I am a stereotypical Millennial; at 26, I am unprepared for the rest of my life. My savings account may as well be a sock under my mattress. I don’t manage my own car insurance or renter’s insurance. The only reason I know my disastrously low credit score is because my landlord mentioned it to me when my roommate and I signed our lease. My cell phone is still on my parents’ plan, and my dad files my taxes every year. In short, I am terrible at adulting.

When President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, I was grateful I would be allowed to stay on my parent’s very swanky plan through my dad’s company and therefore not have to think about it for a while. [Read more…]