Free and Cheap Things to Do on 4/20 in San Francisco

Thursday marks 4/20, the stoner’s high holiday celebrating all things marijuana. The real origin story of 4/20 isn’t all that glamorous, but let’s be real, getting stoned is fun and that’s all the excuse we need around here. Playing hooky to get stoned in the park on a Thursday is just the kind of Ferris Bueller-esque, life-moves-too-fast kinda shit I’m down for.

San Francisco is the quintessential place to be for an awesome 4/20 experience. From food truck munchies to psychedelic film and music, we’ve found the best places to have a safe and fun 4/20 this year.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you so — though recreational cannabis is legal in California, it is still illegal to smoke it in public. No matter how you celebrate 4/20, please be safe, take public transit or Lyft instead of driving, and don’t be a dick. [Read more…]